Top 10 Observations From Thirty-One Gifts National Conference 2013

National Conference is an awesome experience and each of my 9 conferences has left me with some key impressions or observations that are particularly powerful. I’d like to share these from this year.

Top 10 Observations From National Conference 2013

10. 15,000 ladies in one place is a whole lot of awesome until you have to go up an escalator.
9. Thirty-One Gives is an amazing organization! Our national charities include: GirlTalk Inc., The American Heart Association, and now The Ronald McDonald House. I am very proud to support these charities with my Gives dollars.
8.  The 31 “museum” that displayed so much of our history. Boy we have come a long way in 10 years!

7. Sitting in the room with all the directors in the company on Director’s Day. I was overwhelmed by the number of ladies in leadership and realizing that is less than 3% of our total field. WOW!
6. The H.O.T. S. who were attending this year. I saw guys everywhere… more than any other conference. I loved seeing these guys supporting their wives… carry totes, pushing strollers, going to class, screaming at product reveal. Visit my H.O.T.’s website – he posts a lot the husband’s perspective!
5.  Jason Dorsey’s keynote on Saturday morning. He discussed generations and how they work and communicate. It was a great session for me to realize that a leader it is my job to be a great communicator and “speak” the language of my hostesses, customers, directors, and consultants. It was a great call out for me to change up some of the way I reach out to you guys.
4.  Team Cox was a pretty big group and that you all are great ladies. Thank you for showing that you are a classy group! Proud to be the leader!
3.  It was amazing and humbling to be able to share just a moment on stage with Jenny, Julie, and Dawn. I am reminded that from very small beginnings come great things!!! The principles from founding consultants that you can apply: Just keep going, work your business everyday, every month, every season, every year. Perseverance does pay off!
2.  Cindy and Scott’s talk on Saturday morning. It reminded me that they are the same 2 people I have known all these years. Their faith keeps them going. And while there may be mistakes, missteps, misunderstands, and a few mishaps Thirty-One HO is dedicated to our success and to the satisfaction of our customers. My sense of trust and love for 31 has deepened and I cannot wait for the fall!
1.  The PRODUCT REVEAL! I think once again (after a little dry spell) 31 products team hit it out of the park! The update on the purse collections is right on for the market we are trying to reach! I was so excited about the colors, styling, and versatility. There is definitely something for everyone!!! I think you should get ready for an awesome fall!!!
Did you attend National Conference this year? What did you take away from it?

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