It’s May… and so it begins!

It’s May… you may be thinking … “we are winding this puppy down!”  But for me, it’s beginning a count down… Last week the junior parents were summoned to an assembly to discuss… SENIOR YEAR!  What?  Already?  Didn’t she just start kindergarten?  Actually, no, she didn’t just start kindergarten, and yes, the junior year is swiftly coming to a close.  It is time to have those talks about college, scholarships, deadlines, visits, etc., while maintaining the fun and final year of high school.  Balancing facing the future with preserving the last moments of childhood, fun, food, football, field trips, activities, and friendships.

This is not my first rodeo.  I have personally experienced the final moments of junior year… saying goodbye to senior friends (some to never see again) and saying hello to being “queen of the hill”.  Embracing the final year of band camp, senior pictures, yearbook staff, AP classes and looking forward to college, collecting sweatshirts, applying for housing and scholarships.  I have also already sent one child to college and made plenty of mistakes as a first time parent transitioning from child to adult.  So this time… I WILL BE PREPARED!  Say it with me parents… “I WILL BE PREPARED!”

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Here are my list of “I will” statements for this next 365 days:

I will pay attention.. to my child and to deadlines.

I will live in the moment, but keep my eye on the future.

I will have hard conversations.

I will be the calendar keeper.

I will breathe!

I will pick my battles… with my child and in my own head/ heart.

I will be present.

I will savor the “endings” and embrace the “beginnings”.

I will encourage independence.

I will PRAY fiercely.

I will believe God’s word for my child and her future.

I will be honest with her and myself.

I will remind her of her value, her ability, and her potential.

I will resist the urge to be critical of choices that don’t matter (music, makeup, being vegetarian)

I will remind her that some choices do matter… A LOT… make good ones.

I will kick a butt if I need to… this is no time to slack (for her or me).

I will not neglect the others who live in my home.

I will take pictures with my iPhone, take selfies and post them to Instagram, and even Snapchat.

I will blog and post on Facebook.

I will be “that” mom.

I will smile, laugh, love, hug (even though I am not a hugger).

I will cry a hundred times.

I will release my grip slightly everyday for 365 days.

I will launch an extraordinary human with vast amounts of potential to go do what God created her to do!

And on day 366… I will reflect, be proud, and probably cry a little more.

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