Let the Blogging Begin!

I’ve been away from blogging for awhile now… well, let’s be honest… I never really got started!

I love to write!  I have had a passion for the written word most of my life.  I love words and language and vocabulary.  That is why I am known as the “word nerd”.  Blogging seems to be a great and easy way to get those words out, written down, and on to a reader, right?  For so many bloggers that I read it seems so effortless.  I love reading about families and travel and moms with their daily adventures, wit and wisdom.  But, gosh… those blogs are perfect and so interesting.  So, I wait for the perfect post and then I will begin!  But, I don’t because the perfect post never comes at the right time, so I shove it to the end of the “to do” list.

My husband, Jason is a blogging fanatic… he loves it!  He is always coming up with topics and ideas.  He sets right to work with them.  Some of his posts have been amazing and some… well, not so much.  The difference between us (about blogging) is he actually does it!  He doesn’t “think about it” or “write and delete and stop”.  He posts!

So here goes… working on one of my many goals for 2013!  First thing on my list?  Writing my “about” tab in this blog.  So stay tuned… this really will be an adventure!

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