A Birthday at 46

I’m writing this post (my first) tonight, October 31, 2016.  Its Halloween and the eve of my 46th birthday.  I promised myself that I would launch this blog tomorrow.  I set a goal, I set a date, and by golly, I’m going to finally do what I have been dreaming of for a couple of years.  The significance of this may seem very small in the light of world events.  There are certainly more “important” blog posts that could be written as we enter into the final week of the most contentious Presidential election in my memory.  There could be more inspiring posts that could be written about charity and overcoming odds to kick off a brand new blog in a sea of blogs.

But tonight, I keep a promise to myself and I start something that I have planned and delayed.  You see, I am somewhat perfectionistic… to the point a paralyzing my own progress.  My delays are always “well founded”.  I haven’t had the right fonts or pictures.  I didn’t really know how to publish it.  I wasn’t sure what to call my blog or what to say about myself.  To quote a DC Talk song, “I am the king of excuses.  I have one for every selfish thing I do.”  My excuses mostly stem from fear.  Fear that what I say won’t matter.  Fear that what I say, may make someone uncomfortable.  Fear that I will be rejected and not be successful at something I love to do.  How’s that for kicking off a brand new blog?

So, I will launch tomorrow.  My fonts may not be right.  I don’t have a professional picture of myself that “captures” my personality.  I may change my “about” five or six times.  I may fail 100 times, but tonight I keep my promise to myself.  I start my 47th year with a new adventure.  My fingers may be trembling a little as I type, but tomorrow I will publish.  I will know that this gift I give myself for my 46th birthday is one of courage to try, to pursue, to risk, and I’m pretty excited about the possibility.  So, I invite you to come along and follow this process.  I hope that my adventure will inspire you to seek your own adventures and that maybe it won’t take you 46 years.

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